Weekly News: November 22, 2016

Weekly News, From the Third Graders:

– We went on a field trip to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge!

– We had an assembly for Veteran’s Day and most everyone we heard from said they loved our performance. We sang “Thank a Vet” because they needed some more songs for the assembly and it’s in our Poetry Book. We did a great job!

– We made thank you letters for people around our school and people in our life. It’s a bit of a surprise though… We’re delivering them on Tuesday!

– We traced and cut hands out of paper and wrote about what we’re thankful for, to add to a third grade thankful tree.

– Our reading groups are reading a ton. One group finished “The Boxcar Children” and started “The Homework Machine!” Another group finished “The Mouse and the Motorcycle.”

– We’ve spent lots of time with our calendar and it has arrays on it and we’re looking at it to figure out area.

– We made trees with falling leaves and our writing about what we’re thankful for… The falling leaves are with tissue paper (coffee filters) we dyed with liquid watercolors.

– If Mrs. Wilson makes a BIG mistake (like goofing up on your name) she gives you a pencil.

– We also started Happy Grams at the end of the day.

– We started FRACTIONS! Fraction Action!

– We have new vocabulary words.

– We did a short Wonders assessment to see how we’re answering questions.

– We did a PACER test in P.E. It was tough!

– We had an extra recess because we were gone on a field trip all day and we totally earned it! We had great behavior on the field trip.

– On our field trip we saw beaver dams and bald eagles, a mouse and lots of ducks… The bunny fur was so soft! All on our field trip. We heard and saw frogs. We got to explore feathers and skulls and eggs and furs and nests. It was awesome! We ate lunch all together as a whole class.

– We wrote about what we saw on our field trip on a big piece of paper.

– We read two new books: “The Math Curse” and “Eating Fractions.”

– We read “Over the River and Through the Woods” which is actually a Thanksgiving song.

– This week we only had two days of school.

– We had lots of parents join us at Nisqually! It was wonderful.

– In our read-aloud book they found the sasquatch!


Weekly News: November 4, 2016

Third Grade News from the third graders on Friday:

– We had a special snack from this week, and we’re getting low on other snacks. Please send snacks!

– We started a new Number Corner calendar and it has squares, like it’s divided into fourths and then there are 25 spaces in each one fourth.

– We did a math assessment for Number Corner and we’re going to correct it all together.

– A lot of people were able to publish their books. They are working on the illustrations!

– We started some Fraction Action in the back of the room and it’s a race between the different lines! 1/8, ¼, and ½!

– We practiced our numbers… IN SPANISH! Someone’s mom came in and taught us some Spanish!

– We read a book about the Pledge of Allegiance and learned about what it meant. We read a book about Anansi the Spider, and we also read about the presidential elections.

– We have a dog visiting us at the end of the day!

– Someone’s dad is going to work with us some more on art!

– We need to add to our reading minutes chain. We’re doing a lot of reading!

– Our Star of the Week shared her panda with us.

– We learned about the presidential election and how the voters get to learn more about the candidates. We learned how much the President gets each term for their salary and how long they can be in office.

– We’ve been learning about multiplication.

– Our new vocab words are words like awkward and timid and furiously and created and cooperation.

– We finally got new name tags!

– We also got 100 charts for our desks.

– We practiced a song about veterans for the Veteran’s Day assembly.

Weekly News: October 7, 2016

We send out weekly news dispatches from our classroom which you can find here.  It’s must-read material!

October 7, 2016:
– We played Subtraction BINGO.
– We did Frog Jump Multiplication. It was fun!
– Some people got to paint pumpkins on Monday when our guest Cecelia came. She’s going to be here helping every Monday all year and she’s from The Evergreen State College.
– Everyone who didn’t get to paint a pumpkin will get to paint a pumpkin.
– We’re learning about habitats and we read about habitats. We sang a song about habitats and we’re going to make our own habitat in the classroom out of paper!
– We started Star of the Week! When you’re Star the class makes you a book and you are the line leader and you share a poster.
– We’ve been reading about pumpkins like “Too Many Pumpkins” and “The Runaway Pumpkin” and we wrote pumpkin poems.
– We did a scavenger hunt for centimeters in math, using rulers and measuring tape.
– We started reading groups! We’re all reading different books.
– We’re keeping track of our Number Calendar and taking turns writing down about the shapes.
– We read a story about an oak tree and all of the organisms that use the tree to survive.
– We finished our Number of the Day work. It’s going home in backpacks today if you want to learn more.
– We started doing n’s and m’s in cursive! They’re crazy letters in cursive.
– We’re almost done with our Ramona book and we have a new book to start after that. The church across the street gave it to our classroom as a gift because Mrs. W said we would like it… It’s an Imaginary Veterinary book, in a series!
– We set learning goals today and did a self-assessment about how we feel about school.
– We’re starting Book-in-a-Bag and we already picked out our first books!
– The school switched recess around and now every last recess all of the grades go out together and it’s also a little later now.

Weekly News: September 23

Here’s the latest and greatest from our third grade reporters. It’s just the tip of the learning iceberg this week; it was a packed five days. Check backpacks for homework and class news, and have a wonderful weekend.

– We got super-cold and soaked at recess on Friday. Mrs. Wilson says to remember to bring a coat if it looks like rain.
– We did Okta Duel on the computer which is just like Make a Sum, a math game. You can find a link to the game on the classroom website.
– We started classroom jobs!
– We started doing some grammar corrections in the morning where there’s a sentence and you have to correct it and find the problems.
– We started reading “Ramona the Brave” as our class read aloud!
– An update on our class time as we come in from recess: Last Friday it took 8 minutes to settle down after last recess but on Wednesday this week we got it down to 3 minutes! Thursday we had one that wasn’t so good but overall the number of minutes is getting lower.
– We started a little bit of multiplication. We also did a subtraction table and a number line and loops and groups.
– We did our Wonders books. There are so many Wonders books!
– We had fun in music and learned three new songs. We actually went to music!
– We continued to do our math calendar and we kept track of our observations.
– Two students did an awesome Ivy + Bean Reader’s Theater performance! One acted it out
and one read the book and someone else helped direct.
– We celebrated someone’s birthday this week and it was also someone else’s dad’s birthday.
– We did reading groups!
– We played tag and rock-paper-scissors-show in P.E. A bunch of people said, “Hit the road,
Jack!” in the tag game because you could only have one person in each hula hoop.
– Mrs. Wilson read us a LOT of books different versions of fairy tales with wolves in them,
and books about inventions.
– It was a good week.

Weekly News: September 15

All the news that’s fit to publish, in the words of the third graders in Room B-1:

– At P.E. we ran and we skipped and we tallied. We’re going to keep track and do it again later in the year to see if we improve.
– Today is a student’s birthday!
– At the assembly we were sitting down criss-cross-applesauce and listening to the speakers and we did not make a sound. Mrs. Wilson was completely impressed and said our behavior was exceptional!
– We have another class birthday on Monday the 19th.
– In library we tried to find a gnome and we used iPads with QR Codes to learn about the library. Ms. Beattie read The Library Lion.
– We really like reading about Clementine. We’re almost done with the first book in the series. We’re talking about different book series.
– Popcorn Fridays are $0.50 and if you bring the money you can buy popcorn at lunch recess. If you have $1 you can buy someone else popcorn too!
– We’ve been reading a lot of poetry like lots of Shel Silverstein poems. One of the poems is “The Crocodile’s Toothache!” There was also a sad one about a pool. There was one about a wavy head.
– We’ve been doing lot of math like in our MAP testing on the computer. We’ve been doing tons of SURVEYS in our class! For a survey you use a bar graph to record your data and you can see how the class voted in different categories. We made up the surveys.
– We played the Loops & Groups game a couple of times and Sparkle too, which is about the 1000 chart.
– We noticed a lot of patterns on the Number Corner Calendar.
– We read a lot of fairy tales in class during silent reading time. Everyone gets to choose what to read and we’re all quiet.
– We’re going to graph the amount of time it takes to come in after last recess and try to get the number down!

Weekly News

We send out weekly news dispatches from our classroom which you can find here.  It’s must-read material!

September 9, 2016:
– We made people glyphs in math. A glyph is a way to show information. We also collected data for a survey.
– We read books about starting school like First Day Jitters, A Fine, Fine School and A Bad Case of Stripes.
– We started our poetry books with poems about fall and leaves.
– We did scavenger hunts in the classroom. We did a normal one and a challenge! The “brain” was the hardest thing to find!
– Today we’re celebrating a birthday. The birthday girl has a gigantic birthday crown!
– We’re planning on having a Fun Friday time in the afternoon if we have a good day.
– We went to library to check out books and play on the Lego wall. We also had Recess Rodeo and cafeteria orientation.
– Some of our vocabulary words are mob, ashamed, burrow, alerted and boasted.
– We did All About Me pages!
– We did equations in math.
– We’re learning all about each other and our new class!