Weekly News: November 22, 2016

Weekly News, From the Third Graders:

– We went on a field trip to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge!

– We had an assembly for Veteran’s Day and most everyone we heard from said they loved our performance. We sang “Thank a Vet” because they needed some more songs for the assembly and it’s in our Poetry Book. We did a great job!

– We made thank you letters for people around our school and people in our life. It’s a bit of a surprise though… We’re delivering them on Tuesday!

– We traced and cut hands out of paper and wrote about what we’re thankful for, to add to a third grade thankful tree.

– Our reading groups are reading a ton. One group finished “The Boxcar Children” and started “The Homework Machine!” Another group finished “The Mouse and the Motorcycle.”

– We’ve spent lots of time with our calendar and it has arrays on it and we’re looking at it to figure out area.

– We made trees with falling leaves and our writing about what we’re thankful for… The falling leaves are with tissue paper (coffee filters) we dyed with liquid watercolors.

– If Mrs. Wilson makes a BIG mistake (like goofing up on your name) she gives you a pencil.

– We also started Happy Grams at the end of the day.

– We started FRACTIONS! Fraction Action!

– We have new vocabulary words.

– We did a short Wonders assessment to see how we’re answering questions.

– We did a PACER test in P.E. It was tough!

– We had an extra recess because we were gone on a field trip all day and we totally earned it! We had great behavior on the field trip.

– On our field trip we saw beaver dams and bald eagles, a mouse and lots of ducks… The bunny fur was so soft! All on our field trip. We heard and saw frogs. We got to explore feathers and skulls and eggs and furs and nests. It was awesome! We ate lunch all together as a whole class.

– We wrote about what we saw on our field trip on a big piece of paper.

– We read two new books: “The Math Curse” and “Eating Fractions.”

– We read “Over the River and Through the Woods” which is actually a Thanksgiving song.

– This week we only had two days of school.

– We had lots of parents join us at Nisqually! It was wonderful.

– In our read-aloud book they found the sasquatch!


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