Weekly News: November 4, 2016

Third Grade News from the third graders on Friday:

– We had a special snack from this week, and we’re getting low on other snacks. Please send snacks!

– We started a new Number Corner calendar and it has squares, like it’s divided into fourths and then there are 25 spaces in each one fourth.

– We did a math assessment for Number Corner and we’re going to correct it all together.

– A lot of people were able to publish their books. They are working on the illustrations!

– We started some Fraction Action in the back of the room and it’s a race between the different lines! 1/8, ¼, and ½!

– We practiced our numbers… IN SPANISH! Someone’s mom came in and taught us some Spanish!

– We read a book about the Pledge of Allegiance and learned about what it meant. We read a book about Anansi the Spider, and we also read about the presidential elections.

– We have a dog visiting us at the end of the day!

– Someone’s dad is going to work with us some more on art!

– We need to add to our reading minutes chain. We’re doing a lot of reading!

– Our Star of the Week shared her panda with us.

– We learned about the presidential election and how the voters get to learn more about the candidates. We learned how much the President gets each term for their salary and how long they can be in office.

– We’ve been learning about multiplication.

– Our new vocab words are words like awkward and timid and furiously and created and cooperation.

– We finally got new name tags!

– We also got 100 charts for our desks.

– We practiced a song about veterans for the Veteran’s Day assembly.


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