Weekly News: October 7, 2016

We send out weekly news dispatches from our classroom which you can find here.  It’s must-read material!

October 7, 2016:
– We played Subtraction BINGO.
– We did Frog Jump Multiplication. It was fun!
– Some people got to paint pumpkins on Monday when our guest Cecelia came. She’s going to be here helping every Monday all year and she’s from The Evergreen State College.
– Everyone who didn’t get to paint a pumpkin will get to paint a pumpkin.
– We’re learning about habitats and we read about habitats. We sang a song about habitats and we’re going to make our own habitat in the classroom out of paper!
– We started Star of the Week! When you’re Star the class makes you a book and you are the line leader and you share a poster.
– We’ve been reading about pumpkins like “Too Many Pumpkins” and “The Runaway Pumpkin” and we wrote pumpkin poems.
– We did a scavenger hunt for centimeters in math, using rulers and measuring tape.
– We started reading groups! We’re all reading different books.
– We’re keeping track of our Number Calendar and taking turns writing down about the shapes.
– We read a story about an oak tree and all of the organisms that use the tree to survive.
– We finished our Number of the Day work. It’s going home in backpacks today if you want to learn more.
– We started doing n’s and m’s in cursive! They’re crazy letters in cursive.
– We’re almost done with our Ramona book and we have a new book to start after that. The church across the street gave it to our classroom as a gift because Mrs. W said we would like it… It’s an Imaginary Veterinary book, in a series!
– We set learning goals today and did a self-assessment about how we feel about school.
– We’re starting Book-in-a-Bag and we already picked out our first books!
– The school switched recess around and now every last recess all of the grades go out together and it’s also a little later now.


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