Weekly News: September 23

Here’s the latest and greatest from our third grade reporters. It’s just the tip of the learning iceberg this week; it was a packed five days. Check backpacks for homework and class news, and have a wonderful weekend.

– We got super-cold and soaked at recess on Friday. Mrs. Wilson says to remember to bring a coat if it looks like rain.
– We did Okta Duel on the computer which is just like Make a Sum, a math game. You can find a link to the game on the classroom website.
– We started classroom jobs!
– We started doing some grammar corrections in the morning where there’s a sentence and you have to correct it and find the problems.
– We started reading “Ramona the Brave” as our class read aloud!
– An update on our class time as we come in from recess: Last Friday it took 8 minutes to settle down after last recess but on Wednesday this week we got it down to 3 minutes! Thursday we had one that wasn’t so good but overall the number of minutes is getting lower.
– We started a little bit of multiplication. We also did a subtraction table and a number line and loops and groups.
– We did our Wonders books. There are so many Wonders books!
– We had fun in music and learned three new songs. We actually went to music!
– We continued to do our math calendar and we kept track of our observations.
– Two students did an awesome Ivy + Bean Reader’s Theater performance! One acted it out
and one read the book and someone else helped direct.
– We celebrated someone’s birthday this week and it was also someone else’s dad’s birthday.
– We did reading groups!
– We played tag and rock-paper-scissors-show in P.E. A bunch of people said, “Hit the road,
Jack!” in the tag game because you could only have one person in each hula hoop.
– Mrs. Wilson read us a LOT of books different versions of fairy tales with wolves in them,
and books about inventions.
– It was a good week.


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