Weekly News: September 15

All the news that’s fit to publish, in the words of the third graders in Room B-1:

– At P.E. we ran and we skipped and we tallied. We’re going to keep track and do it again later in the year to see if we improve.
– Today is a student’s birthday!
– At the assembly we were sitting down criss-cross-applesauce and listening to the speakers and we did not make a sound. Mrs. Wilson was completely impressed and said our behavior was exceptional!
– We have another class birthday on Monday the 19th.
– In library we tried to find a gnome and we used iPads with QR Codes to learn about the library. Ms. Beattie read The Library Lion.
– We really like reading about Clementine. We’re almost done with the first book in the series. We’re talking about different book series.
– Popcorn Fridays are $0.50 and if you bring the money you can buy popcorn at lunch recess. If you have $1 you can buy someone else popcorn too!
– We’ve been reading a lot of poetry like lots of Shel Silverstein poems. One of the poems is “The Crocodile’s Toothache!” There was also a sad one about a pool. There was one about a wavy head.
– We’ve been doing lot of math like in our MAP testing on the computer. We’ve been doing tons of SURVEYS in our class! For a survey you use a bar graph to record your data and you can see how the class voted in different categories. We made up the surveys.
– We played the Loops & Groups game a couple of times and Sparkle too, which is about the 1000 chart.
– We noticed a lot of patterns on the Number Corner Calendar.
– We read a lot of fairy tales in class during silent reading time. Everyone gets to choose what to read and we’re all quiet.
– We’re going to graph the amount of time it takes to come in after last recess and try to get the number down!


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