Weekly News

We send out weekly news dispatches from our classroom which you can find here.  It’s must-read material!

September 9, 2016:
– We made people glyphs in math. A glyph is a way to show information. We also collected data for a survey.
– We read books about starting school like First Day Jitters, A Fine, Fine School and A Bad Case of Stripes.
– We started our poetry books with poems about fall and leaves.
– We did scavenger hunts in the classroom. We did a normal one and a challenge! The “brain” was the hardest thing to find!
– Today we’re celebrating a birthday. The birthday girl has a gigantic birthday crown!
– We’re planning on having a Fun Friday time in the afternoon if we have a good day.
– We went to library to check out books and play on the Lego wall. We also had Recess Rodeo and cafeteria orientation.
– Some of our vocabulary words are mob, ashamed, burrow, alerted and boasted.
– We did All About Me pages!
– We did equations in math.
– We’re learning all about each other and our new class!


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